Since 2006, we have led the effort to examine the Scots-Irish Identity in Maine from its earliest arrival to present day. Using archaeology, genealogy and classical research methods, we are working hard to uncover the consecutive migrations to Maine from the North of Ireland and examine their significance. This is story that is largely untold and it is the story of our neighbors, and the common people who continue to quietly build Maine.


Our Mission

Our mission is to promote awareness of Maine’s Scots-Irish heritage and to gather, save, and share the stories of Maine’s Scotch-Irish families.


The Ulster-Scots story in Maine, and their influence on New England has been under examined by traditional history. U.S. census data (2000) confirms that Maine has, per capita, the highest percentage of self-identified Scots descendants in the entire USA, and ranks third in the country for Scots-Irish descendants. And yet, we know practically nothing about them because their stories have never been told...

Who We Are

            Board of Directors

  • President Emeritus, John Mann
  • President, Board Chair, Rebecca Graham
  • Vice President, Bill McKeen
  • Treasurer, 
    Marilyn Gondek
  • Secretary, Judy Lindsey
  • Lead Archaeologist, Pam Crane
  • Educator & Site Owner, Brad McFadden

Stalwart Volunteers and Committee Members:

  • Kathy Snow-Bridge -Volunteer
  • Barry Tracy - Volunteer 
  • Julie Potter-Dunlop - Volunteer
  • Harry Hopcroft - Volunteer
  • Alister McReynolds - Northern Ireland Expert
  • Frank Ferguson - University Partner