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Historic Tour #2

Early Scots-Irish at Casco Bay, Maine

Tuesday, August 14, 2018    8:30 AM – 4:15 PM

This full-day escorted bus tour will focus on the history and places where our early Ulster-Scot ancestors first landed and made their homes in the Casco Bay area including Portland and South Portland –called Falmouth and Purpooduck in 1718.

Your tour guide will be Dr. Mary M. Drymon, local Scotch-Irish historian, museum educator and author of “Scotch-Irish Foodways in America” and the soon to be published book “A Gossamer Layer of Plaid: the Women of the 1718 Migration”.

We’ll leave Brunswick at 8:30 am and enjoy an introductory talk as we make the half hour trip to Portland. Our first stop will be the scenic overlook of Casco Bay at FORT ALLEN PARK on Portland’s Eastern Promenade.  We will ride along the working waterfront to a brief stop in front of the McLELLAN MANSION (home of one of the Ulster-Scots most prosperous Maine families).

Our next stop will be a walking tour of the TATE HOUSE and MEANS HOUSE in the Stroudwater area of Portland. Captain George Tate served as the Senior Mast Agent for the British Royal Navy, overseeing the cutting and shipping of white pines used for ship’s mast that lead to England’s supremacy on the seas. Many of our Scots-Irish ancestors were employed by this vital industry including the Ulster-Scot Means family. We’ll also tour the small Stroudwater Cemetery on the grounds, where several of the 1718 Ulster families are buried.

From there we’ll go to the campus of Southern Maine Community College, where we’ll enjoy a buffet lunch at McKernan Dining Hall overlooking SIMONTON COVE on Casco Bay (named for 1718 Ulster-Scot - Andrew Simonton). The highlight of the day will be a walking tour along the SPRING POINT SHOREWAY TRAIL and you’ll see Purpooduck Point Cove where the “ROBERT” (one of the “Five Ships”) was frozen in during the winter of 1718. We’ll see the small “ALL FAITHS CHURCH” that now occupies the site of the first log cabins and garrison-meeting house the early Ulster-Scots families erected for worship and protection. Our tour of this historic and scenic area will conclude by exploring the small “FIRST SETTLERS CEMETERY”, where we’ll visit the final resting place of a few of the passengers of the “Robert” and we’ll place a thistle on the gravestone of Ann Douglas Simonton, from Strabane, Northern Ireland.

40 places available

Cost $60


Historic Tour #3


Friday, August 17, 2018 9:00 AM- 12:00 PM

This tour will focus on the places where our Ulster-Scot ancestors met together to support three major principals of their common culture: Family, Faith and Freedom.

 The tour will begin at two Brunswick graveyards that outlived their meeting houses. At the FIRST PARISH CEMETERY and former MEETING HOUSE site, we will share stories of First Family Ulster-Scots who attended to the laws of God and the laws of the Town, and visit their grave sites. Then we’ll visit nearby MAQUOIT CEMETERY, site of the former FIRST BAPTIST  CHURCH, whose congregation refused to pay taxes to support First Parish Meeting House. Your tour guide will be Barbara Desmarais, a Brunswick historian whose Ulster-Scot ancestors missed the 1718 boat by two years.

On our way to the nearby HARPSWELL CENTER, we’ll stop at the home site and memorial of MATTHEW THORNTON, signer of the Declaration of Independence.

Then at the historic HARPSWELL MEETING HOUSE and COMMON GROUND CEMETERY, you will be guided through the classic old New England  Meeting House, built in 1757-1759 where the congregation was rallied to the fight against  the tyrant, King George. You will see the church building dedicated to Maine’s celebrated writer and minister the Rev. Elijah Kellogg. You can walk through the common parade ground where local militia met to prepare for the defense of their Colony and their neighbors. You will see and hear of the artifacts still on site from the days of the American Revolution. You will walk among the grave sites of Harpswell’s first Ulster-Scot families and be guided by their descendants.  Your lead guide will be David Hackett, President of the Harpswell Historical Society, the great-great-grandson of Rev. Elijah Kellogg and descendant of other local Ulster-Scot families. Don’t miss this tour!

31 places available

Cost $30



Historic Tour #4

Friday, August 17, 2018 1:00 PM-5:00 PM

Archaeology: McFadden Site and Merry Meeting Bay

I am pleased to be able to show, and talk to you about my family’s journey into past.  On our Tour of the Somerset Site, you will see where one of the first families of the 1718 emigration settled, in hopes to establish a new and better life.

You will be able to walk about the land that has been basically left untouched for the past three centuries.  You will see remains of the original sills in the bottom of the cellar hole, as well as some of the many artifacts dating to the time of 1718-1722. I will talk a bit about how the property was  acquired , and what the future goals are for the project.

Pam Crane our Lead Archeologist will discuss aspects of her field, and her findings of our site over the past five years. Chances are you will meet and have the opportunity to talk with some of our crew, who have worked volunteering many hours to this very significant project.

31 places available  

Cost: $30