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A Scotch Music Lesson
J. T. Mann

Students explore Maine's Scottish Heritage through Art Projects
J. T. Mann

3 Miles and 300 Years
Contributed by Steve Edmonson; The Giveen family of mid-coast Maine. March 2012

Heritage Trail Signs Feature Early Freeport Ulster Scots
J. T. Mann

Brunswick-Thopsham D.A. R. discuss
Ulster Scots in the American Revolutionary War
J. T. Mann

Between Frontiers
Barry Rodrigue

The Mayberry's of Ballemoney and New Marblehead
"What we have we hold"

J. T. Mann

How Witches Brought the Scots to Maine
J. T. Mann

The Cork Settlement of Merry Meeting Bay
Rebecca Graham

Anderson's Travels - Scotland to Maine and Beyond; the Andersons of Flying Point, Maine
Edward E. Anderson, Capt. USN Retired
see also:

The Rise and Fall of the McLellans of Ballymoney and Maine
Alister McReynolds

Armstrongs Come To Maine

Articles from The Bath Daily Times
Articles on the history of Topsham, Maine including genealogical references for early families, transcribed from The Bath Daily Times newspaper.
Diane J. Deans
Topsham, Maine
April 2007
Note: This is a very large file. Please be patient as it loads.

Andrew Murray and William Wallace, Co-Commanders at Stirling
Dianne Bergstedt FSA Scot
Published in the Pine Tree Highlander

"They Change Their Sky"
Book Review by Alister McReynolds
Click on the book cover to read his review

The Means Massacre
John T. Mann
Published in the Pine Tree Highlander

The Scots From Northern Ireland
Blaine Mills, Historian, St.Andrews Society

Means Memorial Address
"The Importance of Family History"
Ruth Maybury Knippa
August 12, 2006

The Pattens of Bath, Maine
Alister J. McReynolds

The Kalloch and Boyd Connections of Maine
Dianne Bergstedt FSA Scot
From a presentation to the Kalloch Family Reunion August 2007

Alister J. McReynolds
Information about the author

Scottish Place Names In Maine

The Scots In Maine

Matthew Thornton (large file)
Alister J. McReynolds

For Freedom Alone
Dianne Bergstedt FSA Scot

Ulster-Scots words and phrases used in Maine
from "An Irish Country Village" by Patrick Taylor.